Summertravelling Part II: Berlin 07.07-10.07.

Wohoo, Germanys capital: I havent visited it at least for 7 years. Now I was back there in party mode. First of all I visited Flo, which I got to know in Budapest. Funny coincidence that also Helen, an Estonian girl, was the same time in B. And it was Flos last night in Germany before he went off for 9 month to foreign adventures. So I guess everything was set and it was an awesome night and morning (as you see in the middle picture) :D.


Next day I was sightseeing in Berlin means especially walking down the road of the 17. July, visiting the central memory place of Germany, the Brandenburger Tor and the Holocaust Memorial. Very nice tour indeed. After a nice dinner for farewelling Flo I headed to Erika, which is an Finnish exchange student that I got to know in Budapest. Very nice evening, met a lot of interesting new people and spend a night in the yuppi quarter Prenzlauer Berg.


Last night in Berlin I spent at an old friends (from my birthtown) place. Also a very nice but alternative evening. We just spent the day with walking around in Friedrichshain, which is also a quarter on its way to gentrification. Next day I had to get up early to drive to my father, who lives in Leipzig.



Eine Antwort zu “Summertravelling Part II: Berlin 07.07-10.07.

  1. yuppie quarter Prenzlauer Berg… hehe.

    Actually its called „Prenzl‘ Berch“.

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