Summertravelling Part IV: Helsinki 17.7.-27.7.

Yeah right I was in one of the most expensive countries of Europe. But yes I liked it very much. Wonderful people, wonderful host, wonderful weather. Nice.

It all began when Jonna, my finnish friend I met in Budapest, invited me to visit her in Helsinki. Since I was on great tour through Germany, I said to myself why not go further. Apparently I hadnt had anything to do and I considered it as very nice to see her again. Well, we lived in a nice large house in a calm quite neighbourhood, but needed appr. 20 min via train to town. Ye this was ok, but what come to my eye was the price level. We are very spoilt here in Germany with beer prices really. Sixpack of beer (cheapest): 10 euros, I can say that you enjoy every bit of the beer.


Of course we were sightseeing on saturday, which led to the following pics:


Btw. last picture shows me eating an iceball that was as large as my fist. never saw something like that before. In the evening we went to a nice bbq party with jonnas friends where I actually met 2 couchsurfers from cologne, that travelled from helsinki down over the balticum over poland back to cologne. guess this was a nice tour. also met a finnish guy who was studying political philosophy in frankfurt.

next day we met some people we got to know in budapest: tuomas (also a finnish guy but not from helsinki) and vikki, who led us on our tour in tata. followers of this blog will remember it… we went for drinking something on the former kgb (?! i forgot the story) tower in helsinki where you actually had a nice overview over the town. afterwards we went to a very nice coffee, located at a lake, where we watched the sunset. tuomas went back to his hometown, but vikki, jonna and me played the crazy labyrinth. I won 2 of 3 rounds (yes, I am awesome)

Bild 050Bild 014Bild 032Bild 018Bild 045Bild 036

On monday Vikki was brought to the station since she was going to Tampere for some kind of enviromental savist stuff campaign. afterwards we visited national library of helsinki and some parts of the university before we visited a large kalevala exhibition. kalevala is the national myth of finnland. brought and delivered in poems over centuries (is that right dear kalevala aficionados?).

DSC00836DSC00832DSC00833DSC00834(trams/at the station/library 1/reading room libra)

I guess that we were shopping on tuesday since it rained and since I do not have any pictures from that day… must also have rained then.

On wednesday another highlight: going to Tallinn. For those of you that are not so in geographical details. Tallinn is the capital of Estonia. Furthermore it is just 80km seeway away from Helsinki. Furtherfurthermore it is CHEAP. But to this aspect we come later. First I have to say that I really liked the town itself. We met a girl we met in BUdapest there, that led us around (thx Helen). The town has a very medieval touch and was built within walls what still leds to amazing impressions. The town itself was saved with its charakter and was built up very well. I really liked it there, it was like a small version of Budapest. Helen led us also away from the centre to the smaller and traditional living quarters of that town, this was also amazing. We climbed on the tower of a curch, to the castle quarter to the modern architecture quarter and finally we took some rest in a park where I slept on a park bench (what you can see below; thx Jonna for taking the picture). But it was due to the fact that we stood up at around 5 or something in the morning. Afterwards we looked for a supermarket were we bought cheap alcohol for the upcoming festival we planned to visit. And YES you can buy cheap alcohol there 😀

After a nice meal and 2 nice local brewed beers we went back to the ferry harbour (were we actually saw an amazing sunset as well) and took the fastway ferry back to Helsinki. What an amazing daytrip. Mosdef (insider!) a very good decision to go there.

DSC00847DSC00859DSC00863DSC00865DSC00873DSC00887DSC00902DSC00907DSC00910Bild 102DSC00914DSC00917

On thursday we went to an isle in front of Helsinki. This isle was reachable by public transport ferry line (funny finnish style). This was the first defense line during WWII, but they gave it up quite easily. To make a long story short: we sunbathed there. In the evening a friend of Jonna visited and brought her bf to bbq with us. As you know me all: I LIKE bbq’ing.

DSC00931DSC00929DSC00942DSC00931Bild 121

Friday we went to town and had some drinks with Jonnas friend who completed his job. AFter that we went to a birthday party of one of Jonnas friends. Funny thing was that this party was at their summer cottage. So we took a bus (that took 45 minutes) and it began to pour cats and dogs (ok it rained the whole day, but then it really began even more). More funny was that we apparently got off the bus one stop to early. So we stood there with one umbrella and had (well) fun, while waiting for one to pick us up. bbq on the party was then just on electrical bbq. It then turned out to be a very funny party. We left at around 12pm to catch the bus, which didnt came on first, so that we had to spend about 30min on a dark road somewhere in the Finnish wild. 🙂

DSC00950Bild 125Bild 124DSC00958DSC00961

On saturday there was anotherr highlight. Visiting Törtöllirock (?!) Festival. Basically this was more or less a party of swedish speaking finns in the midst of the finnish wilderness. Thats why we were camping there, and why we bought so much in Tallinn :D. There played as good bands as „The Dogshit Boys“ or „The international party girls“ wohoooo. The festival was located near a small lake in an amazing bay. We decided to go swimming first, since this was a very good chance to do so. And afterwards we did the usual festival stuff: bbq’ing, drinking, talking, dancing, singing, swimming in the lake in the middle of the night, sleeping, (next day) waking up, drinking again, pack, drive to mcdonalds‘ finnish equivalent, help puking people (wasnt me or jonna) to come along, get headache (yes in this row).

DSC00969DSC01021DSC00988DSC00981DSC00977Bild 179

On sunday I just cured myself. But I found out that I had 18 stitches from mosquitos just at my lower right leg due to my nightly swimming experience. We ended the week with a nice dinner at Jonnas home.

On monday it was time to pack and say goodbye. I first flew to Berlin, where I waited 2h and then continued to Stuttgart to drive by train to Mannheim. Had a nice fish for dinner in Frankenthal then.


Puh finished a long article. Hope you like it!

So long


2 Antworten zu “Summertravelling Part IV: Helsinki 17.7.-27.7.

  1. Very nice writing, indeed. And yes, Kalevala was compiled from Finnish and Karelian folklore. But your Donald Duck-knowledge of Kalevala was very impressive, almost as vivid as I remember it myself. But hmm…did you really win 2 out of 3 rounds in Labyrinth? I cannot believe it! I thought I won 2 out of 3 rounds. Oh well 😀

    Oh and the fortress (Suomenlinna or Sveaborg) was not a defense line during the Second II war, but constructed to protect Sweden’s interests against Russian expansion. Then in 1808 Sweden (including Finland of course) lost it to Russia with an easy surrender and the whole Finland was soon occupied by Russians. But for this misunderstanding you can blame your messy guide who did not explain it properly enough…

    Oh and the party on Friday was actually not in a summercottage, just at their normal family house. But you could easily make assumptions that what we saw there (forests and fields and basically nothing else) does not belong to the Helsinki Metropolian Area, but it actually does haha 😀

    Well but these were just petty details. I liked your description of Törttöilyrock btw, very entertaining. And the whole text was mosdef a nice reading.

  2. nice story. at least no one can say you didnt educate yourself by consuming weblogs.
    now looking forward to visit colone next friday

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